Refrigerant VRF air conditioning solution
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Bandary R&D team members focus on VRF technology research and development since 2005 .we can provide one-stop solutions and products to our customer .

Compare to other company VRF system ,our system has below advantages :

1>65kW, 100kW, 130kW(single module)

2. Multi-modular networking control is up to 16 modules for chiller type system 

3.Max 96HP system (4x ODUs and 64x IDUs) is for refrigerant system 

4. Compressor running time balance technology

5.intelligent defrosting technology, compressor oil, oil technology

6. The EXV is regulated by PD, and the stable control system can operate near the target value

7. Dual-speed fan control technology can improve the energy efficiency of part of the load

8. Perfect protection function ensures stable operation of the unit under various conditions

system confirguration :


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