Auwell’ s engineers have extensive experience in working closely with our customers’ design and internal support teams to assure a smooth transition between development and production stages.

During the critical new product introduction( NPI) process, our engineers play a leading role, creating a process unique to your requirements to ensure every risk has been identified and controlled during production.

As an experienced electronic contract manufacturer, our engineering services include:
● Design for Manufacture( DFM)
● New Product Introduction (NPI) 

● Preliminary verification of alternative components
● Process development and qualification 

  PCB panelization

  Paste &Flux chemistry

  Stencil design &Printing parameters

  SPI inspection programming

  SMT programming

  Reflow profiling

  AOI inspection programming

  Wave profiling&pallets

  DIP fixture & assembly JIG design

  Conformal coating programming

  Test Fixtures&Programming 

● Documentation management
   Bill of materials

   Approved manufacturer list control &component research 

   Production work instructions

   Production Routing 

  Component drawings for Sub-contractors

  Gerber modification /alteration

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