At Auwell we believe that we earn your continuous trust as your reliable partner for EMS, Auwell can always provide customers with products that meet or exceed their expectations.

  We employ a strict Quality Management System( QMS) to control the whole

   production process, so that quality is assured at every level of assembly;
● All-round participating in products design and check, prototype test, auditing

   technical specifications, quality risk assessment, reliability test;
● Regular auditing the quality of raw material supplier, counseling suppliers

   quality improvement, using advanced testing equipment to test raw materials;
● IQC, IPQC, FQC, QC and QA check layer upon layer, implement corrective and

   preventive measures, supervise the correctness of t he manufacture process,

   reduce customer's complaints;
● The pilot production of new products have experienced strictly high

   temperature aging life test,inspected and improved service life of the product,

   as well as reliability test;
● Test and inspection solution:
● Automatic optical inspection( AOI)
● In-circuit Test( ICT)
● Functional test( FCT)
● Reliability Test (EMC and ESD, Constant temperature and humidity test, Salt

   Spray testing and so on)
● Third-party test( CE/ UL)

Continual improvement is initiated through the use of quality policy, quality objective, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review. This requirement covers both the reactive and proactive action of improvement.

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