Occupying  7000m2,  Auwell’s manufacturing facility meets or exceeds the highest regulatory,
   quality and traceability requirements.
  Our operations have been accredited by ISO9001: 2015.
  Auwell continues to invest in state-of-the-art automation equipment to keep abreast of new
   manufacturing technologies.

  3D solder paste printer : 5

  SMT Lines: 5

  Wave soldering lines: 5

  Re-flow soldering line: 5 

  Automatic assembly line: 1 

Automatic testing line( ICT&FCT ):3

  Laser barcode machine: 5 

  Assembly lines: 5

  Auto-conformal coating lines: 1

  Auto-PCB router: 1

  Customized test system

Contact Us

Contact name: Owenly lee
Phone: +86-0755-23049300
E-mail: owenlylee@bandarytech.com
Address: 2nd Floor A-Building A Bao Industry Park, No.160 Luyuan Road, Keyuancheng, Tangxia Town Dongguan City, China

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