Multilayer PCBA assembly Multilayer PCBA assembly

Bandary has more than 20-year experiences in PCBA manufacturing , We provide OEM /ODM /JDM services to our customers. we provide one stop turnkey services, including PCB layout,manufacturing ,function testing ,assembly ,box building,as well as hardwar

PCBA  Assembly :

Why choose Bandary ?

1>Bandary advantages:

-National graded Hi-tech enterprise
-ISO9001-2015 certificates
-More than 20 years ODM &OEM manufacturing experience
- Has 3 independent R&D centers in Shenzhen ,Dongguan and Suzhou .
-6 SMT lines and 4 automatic DIP line
-PCBA with 2 years warranty

2>Bandary PCBA Services abilities:

-New product introduction (NPI)
-Process development and qualification
-Manufacturing engineering
-Test Engineering
-Documentation management
-Test ,forming and assembly JIG design
-Preliminary verification of alternative components
-Hardware and software design (ODM business)
-Plastics and Molds
-ICT &FCT test

3>Orientronic PCBA assembly equipments:

-Fully automatic solder paste : FUJI GPX-C
-One line SPI : MIRTEC  MS-11e
-High speed chip &functional mounter : FUJI
-Reflow oven : Heller 1936 MK5
-Automated optical inspection (AOI): MIRTEC  MV-6CL
-Automatic DIP machine : Designed by Bandary
-Automatic ICT&FC test line :Designed by Bandary

4>Technical supports :

-Professional surface-mounting and through -hole soldering Technology
-Various sizes :1206,085,0603 components SMT technology
-online ICT and online FCT Technology

-Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT
-Online SPI Test
-Online AOI Test



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