Baby insert RFID PCBA Baby insert RFID PCBA

Our operations have been accredited ISO 9001:2015, we have a facility equipment lab to provide reliable test in our factory . We can manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided boards up to 28 layers, multilayers RF pcb layout design and software

Technical data :

1>Size :100*50mm

2>PCBA thinckness:1.2mm

3>Material :RF-4 

4>Communication protocol :ISO 14443A  Carrier frequency :13.16 +/- 0.5MHz


1>This device is designed  for 18months old baby safety 

2>When the FRID PCBA detects FRID lable ,if the direction of the child seat is ahead ,

the device will alarm to remind the user  the seat is not in the correction direction

3>When the FRID PCBA does not detect FRID label ,the device don't judge the direction of the child seat .

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