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BD01 series IAQ touch screen controller ,use microcomputer control technology , is designed to monitoring outdoor and indoor air quality ,then to improve the indoor air quality . This device not only display indoor PM2.5 ,CO2,TVOC , room temperature


1>High-grade  Large  reverse LCD display with white backlight
2>Beautiful ergonomic design is smart and sophisticated to match your customers lifestyle
3>High –grade capacitive touch screen keypad
4>Main board and display panel is split design, easy to install
5>Simply HMI
6>Intelligent control
7>Monitoring PM2.5 ,TVOC ,CO2 and room temperature and humidity
8>Set the real time by APP
9>Adjust the back-light intensity
10>Filter replace alarm
11>High quality photo-catalytic
13>Many kinds of Stand-By display interface
14>English /Chinese +Symbols +Digit display ,easy to read

System layout:

air  handler PCBA layout.JPG

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