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With the progress of science and technology, digital technology and network technology are developing rapidly. electronic products have also begun to undergo great changes. People's requirements on electronic products are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, today, we will have a simple discussion on how to rapidly develop the proofing in PCBA:

In PCBA proofing in the process of manufacturing services, EMS is arguably played a very important role as we all know, a good electronic product remanufacturing process is inseparable from the perfect manufacture craft, but also a very important factor that is the import new products, new ideas, because it has added new vitality for the product, but is because in the PCBA proofing joined the NPI, so to attracting widespread high praise.  

In addition, due to the continuous shortening of the life of PCBA  proofing, and in order to meet a variety of different consumers produced products are becoming more and more differentiated. So if you want to achieve the aim of fast delivery, you must change the PCBA proofing the traditional mode of production in the past, because today's products in the past that a single variety of mass production situation will make the product production, cost consumption increases, so will not be able to compete in today's competitive market.

 Next, want to secure a stable development in technical level, it was modified to large-scale through changes in assembly process and to realize the flexible processing, assembly line in this way can quickly completed many varieties of small batch production mode, and the test process, material requirements to follow pcba proofing changes constantly with the development of the upgrade.

 In general, pcba proofing to long-term large-scale development, not only need advanced production technology, but also must cooperate with the system of product rapid production configuration, quality control assurance and management skills, that is to say, which electronic enterprises adapt to the requirements of consumers faster, they will be easier to grow.

Shenzhen Bandary focuses on ODM, OEM, JDM ,SMT, PCBA and complete automatic manufacturing. The company covers more than 5000 square meters, 102 employees, the total investment of USD 7million . It now has 6 new FUJI automatic SMT production lines , with an average daily output of 6.5 million patches. 5 automatic wave-soldering plug-in lines, with an average daily output of 0.5million pieces;  4 assembly lines, annual total sales exceeded USD 40 million.

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