PCBA OEM Processing
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Pcba OEM material refers to the outsourcing of all required components procurement and mounting, PCB and other processes to an electronic manufacturing service provider in the pcba manufacturing process, which can save energy and management cost of enterprise users in this respect, and is very beneficial for enterprise users.

Now ,Shenzhen Bandary which is PCBA processing electronics manufacturer will tell you what are the process of PCBA OEM service:

1>  Before place orders ,you should tell the OEM manufacturer your requirements or there is any special requests for the processing ,and provide the below documents  to get the quotation :

PCB electronic files ,

BOM list ;

Gerber file

Test request, ect .

2>After place orders, Pcba OEM manufacturers began to purchase raw materials, mainly from the suppliers specified by users in the documents.

3> Check the raw materials.  the manufacturer must carry on the quality aspect inspection, in order to guarantee the production quality.

4> Performed pcba OEM material production. After all the work is ready, the production can be started, the production process will have strict furnace temperature control, so as to ensure the quality of production.

5>After the production of pcba OEM materials is completed, pcba test should be conducted according to the user's test plan. During the test, smooth lines and full solder joints should be ensured. In addition, the product should be packaged before it can be fully delivered to the user to prevent damage to the product.

Shenzhen Bandary focuses on ODM, OEM, JDM ,SMT, PCBA and complete automatic manufacturing. The company covers an area more than 5000 square meters, 102 employees, the total investment of USD 7million . It now has 6 new FUJI automatic SMT production lines , with an average daily output of 6.5 million patches. 5 automatic wave-soldering plug-in lines, with an average daily output of 0.5million pieces;  4 assembly lines, annual total sales exceeded USD 40 million.

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