How reduce the cost for PCBA layout?
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Shenzhen Bandary is an electronics service provider with a wide range  of products and services in the fields of printed circuit board assembly,VRF air conditioner system assembly ,cable assembly ,box buiding ,tool design ,plastic injection molding ,ect .

Bandary also provides outsouring solution for the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies .we offer such services based on our many years of know -how.

In order to reduce the cost of the PCBA  layout ,we do below actions:

  • Request customer to provide as accurate information of circuit design and system requirement as possible.

  • Avoid/minimize change on schematic after PCB layout process begins.

  • Reducing density and making practical requirement.

  • Choose responsible and highly skilled PCB designers.

  • Schematics and BOM if the schematic capture process involved in the design order.

  • Assembly drawings.

  •  Assembly machine pick-place data file.

  • Solder paste stencil files.

  • Other optional files as client required.

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