VRF DC inverter air conditioner PCBA solution
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Through years of research and practice, Bandary research and development team has mastered the most cutting-edge frequency conversion

technology.we can provide one-stop DC inverter air conditioner solution to our customers.our solutions including,

1> Mini VRF system-- pvrf 04/05/06HP

2> Ordinary units with one inverter compressor-- PVRF08/10/12HP

3> Ordinary units with two inverter compressor--PVRF14/16/18/20/22/24HP

4> VRF Air handing system 

5> VRF energy consumption billing sysem 

Established in 2010, shenzhen Bandary is a professional EMS (electronics manufacturing service )manufacturer with nearly 20-year experience in PCB design &layout, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCBA prototype, PCBA ICT/FCT test and PCBA reliable test, electronic parts sourcing and EMS for kinds of smart electronic manufacturing service.


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