SMT patch processing technique advantage
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SMT patch belongs to surface mounting technology, which is a kind of electronic mounting technology. With the rapid development of modern 

electronics industry, SMT patch processing technology is really strengthened.

Why is this technology so enduring? Let's take a look at its advantages:

First, SMT processing mainly uses chip edge devices, which are very small, so it increases its reliability and seismic resistance, 

which is necessary for electronic products and can save unnecessary maintenance. At present, 90% of electronic products in the market 

use SMT processing technology.

Second, because it uses very small components, such components are only one tenth of the traditional plug-in, so the relative weight is 

reduced a lot. In general, if SMT processing technology is adopted, the volume and quality of electronic products will be reduced, but the 

assembly density will still not be affected.

Thirdly, the mounting effect of this kind of components is excellent. The finished product is firm, which improves the high-frequency 

characteristics of the circuit, reduces the interference of inductance and electromagnetic, enhances the performance of electronic 

products, and improves the utilization rate of electronic products.

Fourthly, if the factory all uses this kind of components, its perfect fitting effect can realize the full range of automatic production.

Fifth, although the above is good news, but its cost is still low, SMT processing technology can save materials, energy, equipment, 

time, manpower, the highest cost saving value can be as high as half of the total cost.

According to the current situation, electronic products are toward the development of miniaturization, while the quality of the product 

is more stringent requirements. SMT processing technology can be efficient operation, but also to ensure the quality of a processing 

technology. I believe this technology will benefit the entire electronics industry.

Shenzhen Bandary focuses on ODM, OEM, JDM ,SMT, PCBA and complete automatic manufacturing. The company covers an area more 

than 5000 square meters, 102 employees, the total investment of USD 7million . It now has 6 new FUJI automatic SMT production lines , 

with an average daily output of 6.5 million patches. 5 automatic wave-soldering plug-in lines, with an average daily output of 0.5million pieces;  

4 assembly lines, annual total sales exceeded USD 40 million.

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