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SMT processing is a very important link in one-stop EMS PCBA assembly service, which  will seriously affect a piece of PCBA product or even the quality of this batch of products. In the SMT package, the electronic processing plant generally has strict processing regulations, which stipulate that the processing personnel process according to this process, and these regulations are summed up from a detail of matters needing attention. The following professional SMT processing plant Shenzhen Bandary give you a brief introduction of SMT processing manual welding matters needing attention:

1.   Prepare PCBA board before welding, so that the solder pads of components and circuit boards are in a weldable state.

2. In SMT processing welding, must wear anti-static cap and pull up the long hair.

3.SMT processing welding soldering tip should not be long immersed in the flux, can not use other highly corrosive chemical industry products as flux.

4.The electric iron should be selected according to the heat required by the actual welding.

5. Selecting rosin as brazing agent can improve the wetting effect of electronic components and increase the solderability of components. The brazing agent can be directly used as rosin block or configured as rosin alcohol solution.

6.The integrated circuit in the whole electronic product welding should be the last, and welding must wear anti-static bracelet, electric soldering iron to be reliable grounding. Also can use the integrated circuit special socket, welded socket after the integration of the circuit inserted on, this method is convenient for frequent use and damage high frequency chip repair and replacement operation.

7. After SMT processing and welding, wipe the residual flux on the circuit board with alcohol to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

8. Turn off the power and clean the desktop after welding.

9.Electric soldering iron frequent use for a period of time, need to replace the power cord, to prevent the root of the power cord or internal broken.

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